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Canyon Adventure Tour

The Chicamocha Canyon in Santander is officially deeper than the Grand Canyon in the USA and offers a great variety of extreme sports. If you are a nature and adventure lover, we highly recommend this tour to you! Rock climbing, river rafting, paragliding and even bungee jumping can be done.

from 431 USD


NOTE: The following description and prices of the tour are based on a 4-day visit. Please, take into account that we can offer a longer or shorter Canyon Adventure Tour. Just contact us for your customized tour!


Tour includes:

  • Bilingual coordinator/ guide
  • Private transport (a group of 1 - 3 persons in a small-size SUV, a group of 4+ in a larger vehicle usually with a separate driver)
  • Some meals according to the itinerary (the description shows which meals are included)
  • All described activities and entries (exception: activities and entries where it is explicitly mentioned that they are not included and that they have an additional cost)
  • Medical insurance from Colasistencia and an additional insurance for all activities that have a higher risk
  • Standard hotels (clean and comfortable; double or triple rooms) including breakfast
    • NOTE: You have the possibility to upgrade the hotel for an additional cost. Let us know the type of hotel you would like to stay in and we will send you a quote.


Opening the following points, you will find the detailed itinerary and description of each day, additional information and the price table:


Morning Arrival

Arrival at the Airport Bucaramanga Palonegro (BGA)

Morning Transfer to Mojarra Park

Approx. 1 hour 30 min transfer to La Mojarra Park

On the way you will stop to get some snacks for the day activity (snacks not included)

Morning/ Afternoon Rock-Climbing and/ or Trekking at La Mojarra

Climbing and trekking at La Mojarra, which is part of the Chicamocha Canyon, is a breathtaking experience. The view of the canyon and sky from the edge of the Chicamocha Canyon is incredible, an experience that will truly bring you closer to nature. There are multiple routes of varying difficulty levels, so any kind of climbing/ trekking group can choose their own route.

In order to get to the climbing sites, you will have to take a short hike starting from the parking lot for about 20 to 30 minutes passing stairs and steep paths down the canyon.

After getting back to the parking lot, you will have a late lunch at the cabins that are located right at the parking lot (lunch included).

NOTE 1: For those who don’t want to do rock climbing, you can enjoy a short hike in the Mojarra Park.

NOTE 2: The equipment to do the rock climbing (also shoes) is included.

Late Afternoon Transfer to the Hotel in La Mesa de los Santos

Approx. 20 min transfer

If this day is a weekend day (Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday), there is the possibility to stop at the farmer´s market on the way to the hotel.

“El Mercado Campesino” (Farmer´s Market) is a market that promotes fair trade. It is a place where the farmers can offer their fruits and vegetables among other products directly to locals. In addition, you will find entrepreneurs from the regions that offer their products in restaurants, bars, handcraft shops, etc.
Evening Dinner

We will provide you with the information about different options for dinner (dinner not included) and we will also provide you the transport to the restaurant.

Before 9 am Breakfast and Check-Out Breakfast included in the guesthouse and check-out
Morning Transfer to Cable Car Station

Approx. 20 min transfer

Morning Transfer to the other side of the Canyon by Cable Car

Enjoy the cable car ride through the Chicamocha Canyon going more than 1000 meters down the canyon and up on the other side (total length 6,3 km; duration of the ride 30 minutes).

Enjoy the unique landscape during the ride through the canyon which is with 2000 m even deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA and has a total length of 227 km. The Canyon was formed more than 60 million years ago from what once used to be a great sea.

Morning Transfer to the Chicamocha River

Approx. 30 minutes

The transport will be provided by the rafting team and is usually in a van.

Morning/ Afternoon River Rafting

River rafting will be done on the Chicamocha River. Rafting on the Chicamocha River is the most exclusive one in Santander because you will see amazing rock formations in the Chicamocha Canyon from places that cannot be reached by car.

Difficulty level: rapids of class IV (advanced)

Time on the river: 2 to 3 hours

Length of the rafting part: approx. 15 km

NOTE 1: Due to changing weather conditions we cannot guarantee the river rafting activity on the Chicamocha River. For example, after heavy rains the river rafting cannot be done because of too high and dangerous water levels.

For the rafting activity you also need at least 4 travelers. If you are not a group of 4 and we cannot find other people interested in the activity, we will have to cancel the activity.

In case of cancellation (probability about 5%) river rafting will be done in San Gil on the Fonce River which is shorter and less extreme (8 km and rapids of class II to III).

NOTE 2: All the necessary equipment (helmet, lifejacket, paddle) will be provided by the rafting team. You should wear shoes that can get wet and clothes to change.

Afternoon Lunch

A late lunch will be provided on a typical tobacco farm in the canyon (lunch included). Depending on the season you will even have the possibility to see the tobacco growing and processing.

Late Afternoon/ Evening Transfer to the Hotel in San Gil Transfer approx. 2 hours
Evening Dinner We will provide you with the information about different options for dinner (dinner not included) and we will also provide you the transport to the restaurant.
Before 9 am Breakfast and Check-Out Breakfast included in the hotel and check-out

Transfer the Paragliding Platform in the Canyon

Optional: Bungee Jumping

Transfer approx. 1.5 hours

In San Gil there is a bungee platform about 70 m above the Fonce River. If you wish to do the bungee jumping, we will stop at the platform and for approx. 30 US-dollars you can do this extreme sport where you will certainly have higher adrenaline levels than during any other activity of the whole tour.

Morning/ Noon Paragliding

Enjoy approx. 15 minutes of a tandem flight with an astonishing view of the Chicamocha Canyon. The platform is located about 1600 m above sea level and the river about 550 m above sea level. If it is windy enough it will be possible to fly up to 1000 m into the sky which means almost 2000 m above the canyon.

Before starting the flight, you will get your equipment and detailed safety instructions.

NOTE 1: To do the activity it has to be windy enough and it must not rain. The probability of suitable weather conditions is approx. 95%. If due to the weather conditions it is not possible to do the paragliding activity, we will try to postpone it to the afternoon where the paragliding can be done in Curítí or Bucaramanga (due to the weather conditions it cannot be guaranteed either).

NOTE 2: The weight of the passengers, should not exceed 110 kg, or below 30 kg in case of minors. Pregnant women or people with recent surgeries such as spinal or extremities surgeries are not allowed to fly.

NOTE 3: You must wear shoes during the activity. It is recommended to bring a sweatshirt and to use sunscreen.

Noon Lunch

After a 15-minute ride to the restaurant Chiflas you will have lunch (lunch included).


Transfer to Bucaramanga

Transfer approx. 1.5 hours

Late Afternoon/ Evening Free Time in Bucaramanga and Dinner 

After the check-inn in the hotel in Bucaramanga you will have some free time to relax in the hotel or to go out and take a walk in the sector or sit down in a bar located in the vicinity of the hotel.

We will provide you with the information about different options for dinner (dinner not included).

Flexible Breakfast and Check-Out Breakfast included at the hotel
Flexible Airport Transfer

Depending on the time of your departure flight we will bring you to the airport. The airport transfer lasts approx. 30 minutes.

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen and hat or cap
  • Light and comfortable shoes, hiking shoes
  • Water shoes or shoes that may get wet
  • Comfortable clothes for the day activities (usually shorts and t-shirts)
  • Sweatshirt or a light jacket (it might get fresh at night)
  • Mosquito spray
  • Small backpack to carry the necessary items for the day
  • Swim suit and towel


Physical effort information of the activities:

  • Trekking at la Mojarra Park: medium physical effort
  • Rock climbing La Mojarra Park: medium to high physical effort (approx. 100 routes available)
  • Rafting: high physical effort
  • Paragliding: no physical effort


Arrival from/ Departure to Villa de Leyva:

  • The tour can be organized with the transfer Villa de Leyva – Chicamocha Canyon or Bucaramanga or vice versa.
  • The additional cost for the transfer from or to Villa de Leyva is 500.000 COP for a group of 1 to 3 tourists (in a small SUV) and 900.000 COP for a group of 4 to 12 tourists.


Schedules of the Parks:

  • The cable car is not operating on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Depending on the day of arrival we might have to adapt the order days to guarantee a successful tour. That would neither change the overall activities nor the price of the tour.


  • Prices are listed in the following table (valid until Dec. 31, 2023). Foreign travelers must bring their original passports. 
  • Regarding the transport, a group of 1 - 3 persons will be transported in a small-size SUV, a group of 3+ in a larger vehicle usually with a separate driver. If a group of 4 prefers a larger vehicle due to an excess of luggage, they will have to pay the price per person that a group of 3 pays per person.
  • The prices in USD are based on our internal exchange rate of 1:3600 on July 27, 2021. The international exchange rate was at about 1:3900 on July 27, 2023. If the value of the Colombian Peso drops by 5%, the listed prices will not be valid anymore! Moreover, we do not carry any transaction costs.
  • Prices increase by 10% in “High Season” which is between 18th Dec and 19th Jan, spring break (09th - 17th Apr), between 12th Jun and 06th Jul, between 8th and 16th Oct, and the long weekends with a national holiday.

Prices per person depending on the size of the travel group
Number of travelers: 10 or more 8 - 9 4 - 7 2 1
Price per person in COP: $ 1.550.000 $ 1.590.000 $ 1.720.000 $ 2.050.000 $ 2.680.000 $ 4.830.000
Price per person in USD: $ 431 $ 442 $ 478 $ 569 $ 744 $ 1.342

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