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2 Days: San Vicente de Chucurí



San Vicente de Chucurí is a municipality of Santander not known by a lot of tourists but has an incredibly high potential be a touristic hotspot because of the diverse places to visit. For more information about the town and the municipality check out the day trip San Vicente de Chucurí. To make the best decision which of the 3 things to do close to town you would like to choose, check out the day trips Cacao Tour, Airplane Cave and Natural Bird Reserve Proaves.







Tour includes:

  • 1 night in San Vicente de Chucurí
  • 1 x breakfast, 1 x lunch
  • Private transport to San Vicente de Chucurí approx. 2.5 hours from Bucaramanga
    • A group of 1 - 4 persons in a car or small-size SUV
    • A group of 4+ in a larger vehicle usually with a separate driver (if a group of 4 prefers a larger vehicle due to an excess of luggage, they will have to pay the price per person that a group of 3 pays per person)
  • 2 of the 3 following options (up to you):
    • Cacao Tour (includes access to the farm and the cacao processing area, specialized guide, welcoming chocolate)
    • Airplane Cave (includes access to the cave, specialized guide and safety equipment)
    • Natural Bird Reserve Proaves (includes entrance, specialized guide and donation of 30,000 COP per person for the conservation of the reserve)
  • Visit of the center of San Vicente de Chucurí and the viewpoint of the town
  • Entrance and tour in the historical museum Casa Memoria Histórica
  • English or Spanish-speaking accompaniment
  • Travel insurance and additional insurance for extreme sports (Hiking in the natural bird reserve and visiting the Airplane Cave already count as extreme sports and are often not covered by the international insurance of the traveler)


Additional information:

  • Recommendations: bring sunscreen, mosquito repellant, comfortable shoes, shoes that can get dirty and wet, sweatshirt or jacket, hat, bottle of water (swimming suit and towel for the cave)
  • Meeting point: If your accommodation is located in the city of Bucaramanga, we will pick you up and give you a ride back without any additional cost.
  • Schedule: It is recommended to start the day trip at 7.00 am on the first day. However, if you wish to start the tour earlier or later, we will be flexible and adapt the tour to your desired schedule. Usually in the late afternoon of the second day after visiting the historical museum we will start the ride back to Bucaramanga.
  • Prices are listed in the following table (valid until Dec. 31, 2024). Foreign travelers must bring their original passports.


2 Days: San Vicente de Chucurí: Prices PER PERSON depending on the size of the travel group
Number of travelers: 10 or more 8 - 9 4 - 7 2 1
Price per person in COP: 900,000 970,000 1,270,000 1,560,000 2.140.000 4.010.000
Price per person in USD*: 250 269 353 433 594 1114

*The prices in USD are based on our internal exchange rate of 1:3600 on July 27, 2023. The international exchange rate was at about 1:3900 on July 27, 2023. If the value of the Colombian Peso drops by 5%, the listed prices will not be valid anymore! Moreover, we do not carry any transaction costs.

***Prices increase by 10% in “High Season” which is during the town`s fairs usually for one week in August and one week in November.

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