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Why Wolf Tours?

Wolf Tours Colombia is the first and best-ranked English-speaking tour operator in the city of Bucaramanga and surroundings. We give travelers the chance to have an authentic Colombian experience in the department of Santander!


5 reasons to travel with Wolf Tours Colombia 


1. Amazing places WITHOUT mass tourism

There are many tourist attractions all over the world that are overrun with tourists. People automatically treat you like tourists who have a lot of money, they just want to sell you things for over-inflated prices and you never get the chance to see what the people are really like without being influenced by frequent international tourism. Wolf Tours Colombia has selected one of the safest, most beautiful and diverse regions in Colombia to offer tours where the people are positively surprised to see foreigners on the streets and welcome you with a very kind heart. The places have high potential for international tourism. Due to the lack of other languages than Spanish, these places are still not overcrowded and we will help you to overcome the language barrier.


2. Flexibility due to private tours

The tours will be scheduled according to your preferences. You will have your private tour and do the activities without other groups (unless you book a special tour that says explicitly that the tour is made in a travel group, e.g. a special Spring Break tour). This means that if for example, you fall in love with the canyon and you want to stay for an extra day, you will have the opportunity to do so! We are flexible and do everything to fulfill your (spontaneous) wishes.

3. A young team with international experience

Since the beginning of our tour operations in 2016, Wolf Tours Colombia has had travelers from more than 50 countries all over the world. The company was founded by the German Dominic Fabian Wolf who relies on a young team that also has international experiences, speaks English fluently and loves to get to know new people. Especially after having studied and/ or worked abroad, our team has the right sense of what travelers like and of how to have an authentic experience with a lot of fun.


4. Well-organized tours in Colombia´s most diverse region

Santander, which is Bucaramanga and surroundings, provides everything to have a great and diverse experience. Instead of flying to each corner of the country we recommend to stay longer in Santander. The tours we offer are well organized in order to ensure you have the best experience. Just book a flight to the Bucaramanga´s Palonegro Airport, send us the RESERVATION FORM and we will take care of the rest.


5. Fair prices without hidden costs

Comparing our prices to prices of other agencies that offer private and personalized tours and day trips in Colombia, you will find out quickly that we have very competitive rates. Being a direct tour operator and having our own vehicles and our own guides means that we do not have pay intermediaries or providers in order to guarantee the high quality of the operation. Furthermore, due to low levels of tourism in Santander, prices are kept low and you will be able to see many different highlights within a short time period. Our prices are clearly listed in our Price Tables and there are no hidden costs.


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