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Culture - Zapatoca


Zapatoca is a beautiful and calm town not known by a lot of travelers. The town has 5000 inhabitants and people from Bucaramanga go there to enjoy a weekend having relatively mild temperatures (day temperature approx. 21 °C/ 79 °F). In town you can enjoy a beautiful central park and try home-made wine from oranges and blackberries. Close to town you will visit the cave “Cueva del Nitro” where a specialized guide shows you parts of the cave that is several kilometers long.

Zapatoca also has a lot of German history since the famous German immigrant Geo von Lengerke lived and died in the town. Nowadays you still find German stereotypes of the people living in Zapatoca.

The road to Zapatoca is one of the highlights of the trip because it goes right through the stunning landscape of the Chicamocha Canyon. There are several viewpoints to stop by during the road trip. One of the viewpoints you will visit at the end of the day is the Mirador Los Guanes which is on top of the mountains from where you can see many parts of Santander such as parts of Bucaramanga´s metropolitan area, Barichara, El Socorro, the Chicamocha Canyon, the Suarez Canyon, the crossing of the two canyons, etc.




Tour includes:

  • Private transport to Zapatoca (approx. 2 hours from Bucaramanga; a group of 1 - 4 persons in a small-size SUV, a group of 5+ in a larger vehicle usually with a separate driver; if a group of 4 prefers a larger vehicle due to an excess of luggage, they will have to pay the price per person that a group of 3 pays per person)
  • Various stops at amazing viewpoints in the Chicamocha Canyon on the way to Zapatoca
  • Walking tour in Zapatoca
  • Entrance to the cave “Cueva del Nitro”, specialized guide for an hour, necessary equipment
  • Lunch included in the town of Zapatoca
  • English-, Spanish- and/ or German-speaking accompaniment
  • Travel insurance and additional insurance for extreme sports (entering a cave already counts as an extreme sport and is often not covered by the international insurance of the traveler)


Additional information:

  • Recommendations: bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes, shoes that can get dirty, sweatshirt or jacket, hat, bottle of water
  • Meeting point: If your accommodation is located in the city of Bucaramanga, we will pick you up and give you a ride back without any additional cost.
  • Schedule: It is recommended to start the day trip at 7 am. However, if you wish to start the tour earlier or later, we will be flexible and adapt the tour to your desired schedule. Usually in the evening we will start the ride back to Bucaramanga.
  • Prices are listed in the following table (valid until Dec. 31, 2020). Foreign travelers must bring their original passports. Colombian residents receive a discount of 10%, but must pay additional 19% IVA (ARTÍCULO 481 DEL ESTATUTO TRIBUTARIO / DECRETO 297 DE 2016).


Zapatoca: Prices per person depending on the size of the travel group
Number of travelers: 10 or more 8 - 9 4 - 7 2 1
Price per person in COP: 140,000 150,000 180,000 230,000 330,000 620,000
Price per person in USD*: 47 50 60 77 110 207

*The prices in USD are based on our internal exchange rate of 1:3000 on November 6, 2019. The international exchange rate was at about 1:3300 on November 6, 2019. If the value of the Colombian Peso drops by 5%, the listed prices will not be valid anymore! Moreover, we do not carry any transaction costs.


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