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Hiking/ Trekking

Finca Campesina Santandereana

During the walk to the farm you will get to know rural Colombian life in a place far away from mass tourism. The farm, a small house in the countryside, is located 1 hour drive from Bucaramanga. Besides being a region free of pollution from the city, the people live almost completely independently.

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Bucaramanga Viewpoints

The route of this excursion offers you the best viewpoints of Bucaramanga. During the tour of approx. 7 km (4.3 mile) and 3 to 4 hours with several breaks, you will receive very good impressions of the neighborhoods on the edges of the city.

Starting at Cabecera del Llano you will get to know the residential areas of the most exclusive parts of Bucaramanga and you will also pass by the green campus of the UNAB, one of the best private universities in Colombia.


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Piedecuesta Waterfall

The waterfall “Cascada El Ensueño” in Piedecuesta is located at the fringe of Bucaramanga´s metropolitan area and we highly recommend the hike to the waterfall if you want to visit a natural place but do not want to ride far away from the city. On the way to the waterfall you will see the quick transition of city and nature since you start the walk in a residential area and suddenly you are in the middle of the nature. 

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Natural Bird Reserve Proaves

The Reinita Cielo Azul Bird Reserve of Proaves was created in 2005 with the purpose of preserving the habitat of the migratory bird Reinita Cielo Azul (Setophaga cerulea), being the first Colombian and South American reserve created by the aim of preserving a migratory bird. Upon arrival you will have a brief introduction of a local guide before you continue with a hike on a colonial path observing the landscape of San Vicente de Chucurí, its surroundings and the tropical rainforest of the reserve. 

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Canyon Trekking

The Chicamocha Canyon is the perfect place to do hiking since you will have stunning views onto the landscape during the entire hike. The hike usually starts in a sector of the canyon called “La Mojarra”. At the beginning of the hike you will be at the edge of the canyon at a height of about 1500 meters above sea level and 1000 meters above the canyon river.

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