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Cacao Tour

Santander is the department with the biggest cacao production in Colombia producing more than 25 % of the country´s cacao. The region of Carmen and San Vicente de Chucurí is the main cacao region in Santander and well known for the high quality of the cacao and the sustainable production of its fair-trade products. 

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Coffee Tour

Whereas the Coffee Triangle is known for its quantity of coffee, the coffee in Santander and especially La Mesa de Los Santos is recognized for its high quality and being 100% organic. The coffee tour will be made on the coffee farm Hacienda El Roble, officially producing the most expensive and most exclusive coffee in Colombia and the third most expensive in the world. The farm is one of the oldest coffee farms in Colombia and it is the largest one in La Mesa de Los Santos. 

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Coffee Tour / Gastronomic Tour

The combination of these two tours will offer you a relaxing day with ample and interesting information and tasty food. The coffee tour, which takes place before lunch, will allow you to learn all about this plant from its cultivation to roasted and ground coffee. We will visit a hacienda where we can take a tour of the coffee plantations.

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Citrus-Pineapple Tour

The fields near the city of Bucaramanga are fertile and productive, known for producing the best citrus fruits in Colombia. Oranges, tangerines, pineapples, passion fruit, lemons, are some of the nationally and internationally recognized for their flavor, color and texture. 

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