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Páramo de Santurbán - Black Lagoon

The experience at the Páramo de Santurbán is designed for nature lovers who like to hike at high altitudes and with a cool climate. The Black Lagoon “Laguna Negra” you will visit is located at almost 4.000 meters (=13.000 feet) above sea level.

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Chicamocha National Park (Panachi)

The Chicamocha National Park also known as “Panachi” is located in the heart of the Chicamocha Canyon. The Chicamocha Canyon is more than 200 km long and from its highest peak down to the river approx. 2000 m deep. That means it is deeper than the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. The main attraction is the cable car that goes 1200 m down the canyon and up on the other side 

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The swimming holes “Las Gachas” in Guadalupe are a unique natural phenomenon. The reddish color of the rocks makes it a beautiful setting and a perfect place to take awesome pictures. The part of the river that passes above and beneath the swimming holes is almost 1 km long and you will get to know all parts of the “red river”

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Boat Ride Topocoro Lake

The Topocoro Lake is beautiful lake that was created because of the construction of the dam “Represa Hidrosogamoso”. It is relatively new and therefore not known by many tourists which makes it a wonderful place to enjoy the nature. You will get to know overflooded parts of the region that some years ago could not even be reached by car. And the best part: Due to the high water temperature of more than 30 °C/ 85 °F it is a perfect place to swim.

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Horse-Riding La Lajita

The Hacienda La Lajita is a large farm located next to the Topocoro Lake. It has beautiful grassland with an incredible view on the Topocoro Lake that was created due to the dam “Represa Hidrosogamoso”. The farm is the perfect place to do horse-riding (or drive a four-wheeler/ quad-bike). A guide of the farm will lead you to the best viewpoints of the farm.

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Juan Curí Waterfalls

The Juan Curí waterfalls are with a total height of 250 meters one of the highest waterfalls in Colombia. In order to get there, you will have to take a 25-minute hike from the parking lot. As the air gets more humid you will see how the landscape changes into a dense tropical rainforest.

Arriving at the waterfall you will have the opportunity to jump into a swimming spot right beneath a 50-meter high part of the waterfall. If you like adventure, you can also climb down the ladders and ropes that are set up at the lower parts of the waterfalls. 

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