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The travel agency operator Wolf Tours Colombia  since its inception it has assumed the commitment to work with sustainability in the total operation of its products and services from the environmental, socio-cultural and economic point of view.

In compliance with our implementation of the sustainability system, we want to publicize our responsible policy and behavior with sustainable development. Commitments that we have been acquiring and wish to participate in these good practices given their importance in the operation of our travel agency and tourism in the region.

Wolf Tours Colombia in compliance with the NTS - TS 003 is committed to operate under the guidelines of sustainability and good practices of sustainable tourism:

  • Encouraging the visit and the natural and cultural richness of our tourist attractions, raising awareness among employees, customers and suppliers about the preservation of them through experiential experiences.
  • Promoting the good use of water, energy and minimizing the generation of waste.
  • Implementing the separation and final disposal of the waste generated in all our activities.
  • Awareness to our tourists about the biodiversity of the country and the necessary precautions for their due respect and care.
  • Support to businesses and local entrepreneurs from all our destinations offered.
  • Fair and responsible hiring for direct, indirect employees and suppliers.
  • We are responsible to inform, sensitize, avoid and denounce any practice that promotes the illicit traffic of cultural goods and species of flora and fauna.
  • Declaring our outright rejection of the sexual exploitation and trade of minors, and we accept the provisions of Law 679 of 2001. We also reject any practice that leads to sex tourism of any kind and child labor exploitation.
  • Participating in this commitment to clients and suppliers on the implementation of these good practices framed in the standard.




  • Minimize the generation of waste since this is the main cause of pollution; always take the trash with you until you find a correct place to deposit it.
  • Use natural resources carefully.
  • When you leave your accommodation, turn off the lights, air conditioning, electronic devices; check the faucets that are completely closed.
  • Respect the cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage of the place you visit, the native communities of each region have different customs and thoughts than yours, you must not discriminate or tease.
  • Buying souvenirs and gifts, the local handicrafts are the best option; their excellent products help the community and their families keeping their heritage. 
  • People are also part of the landscape; treat them with the same respect. Ask for permission before taking photos, show interest in their customs or offer to collaborate in their daily life.
  • When visiting places like protected natural areas, find out how to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
  • Do not acquire protected flora and fauna, neither products derived from these species; it is a crime and contributes to its extinction.
  • If you observe any type of sexual or labor exploitation of children, inform to the responsible guide, he will be in charge of making the complaint.




Wolf Tours Colombia  is committed to generating positive changes within the destinations that it operates. In order to achieve this goal they support, participate and develop campaigns with other organizations against problems that have consequences for the different destinations.


Campaign against CSEC, supported by:


Campaign against the illicit trafficking of cultural goods, supported by:ç


Campaign against the trafficking of flora and fauna, supported by:

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