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7 Days Santander

Bucaramanga Bucaramanga Finca El Jardín Finca El Jardín Coffee Mesa de los Santos Coffee Mesa de los Santos Chicamocha Canyon Chicamocha Canyon Hiking Bucaramanga Paragliding Jesus-Statue Santísimo Jesus-Statue Santísimo Bucaramanga

The “7 Days Santander" package includes everything that gives you the experience of the REAL Colombia in just one week without the need to fly from one region in Colombia to another.   

from 499 USD  (Price tables: click here)



Package includes:

  • 6 nights in one of our three Hotels in the most exclusive and safest district of Bucaramanga (Hotel Superior/ Hotel Comfort/ Hostel)
  • 6 x breakfast, 4 x lunch, sufficient water for the day trips
  • Private transportation to each of the described locations
  • Transport to and from the airport (or central bus station)
  • English-speaking accompaniment and support
  • Bucaramanga City Tour
  • Access to the Finca El Jardín, fresh natural juices and all activities at the Finca
  • Entrance to the coffee farm, coffee museum and guided coffee tour in English
  • Entrance to Chicamocha National Park and its waterpark, a ride across the canyon in a cable car
  • Activities at the La Niebla restaurant and garden, dancing lessons to typical Colombian music (e. g. Salsa)
  • Entrance to the Jesus Statue Santísimo and its park, including a ride in a cable car
  • Guarantee of fair local prices for optional activities (e. g. paragliding)
  • Travel insurance and additional insurance in case you do extreme sports


Not included:

  • Flights
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Activities that are referred to as “optional” in the description


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The following description of each day of the 7 Days Santander package shows the usual course of the tour. Wolf Tours Colombia guarantees the completion of the following trips. Depending on the day that you arrive the order of the following days might change (as it makes more sense to do a city tour between Mondays and Fridays and as the canyon waterpark is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). Of course, you can also ask for additional nights if you want more time to enjoy the beautiful places, or you can leave out a day trip and we will offer you a cheaper and fair price. Just contact us!


Day 1: Arrival

Since most flights to Bucaramanga arrive late in the day, there are no specific activities planned on the first day. Upon arrival, we will pick you up directly at Bucaramanga´s Palonegro Airport (or the central bus station) holding a sign with your name on it and take you to the hotel. If you do not arrive at night and wish to do activities on your first day, we will certainly support you and provide all the information that you need.


Day 2: Bucaramanga City Tour

Getting to know Bucaramanga you will certainly have a unique experience since tourism is still in its infancy and therefore there aren’t a lot of foreigners in the city.

The day trip includes visits to the most interesting places in the city such as government buildings, cathedrals and beautiful parks. You will have the possibility to be flexible in deciding which places you want to visit and for how long you want to stay there, or we will set up the best combination for you. At noon we will have a typical Colombian lunch.

On the same day we will visit the small colonial town Girón which is located right next to Bucaramanga. In the evening you are welcome to go to one of the best restaurants with us. If you love steaks, you will certainly love the Colombian food there, too!

For further information and pictures of the city go to Bucaramanga - The City.


Day 3: Rural Finca Tour

This day trip to the finca “El Jardín” is designed to show you the difference between the urban and rural Colombian life on ranches in the tropical rainforest of the Andean mountain range. After a 2-hour ride we will have a light breakfast close to the finca before taking a walk up the hill to get to the finca.

Enjoying the view, taking photos, seeing and learning about a vast variety of animals, plants and fruits, the walk will usually take about 2 hours. If you do not like walking, you will also have the possibility of getting to the finca on a mule (about 5 additional US-dollars).

Arriving at the finca there will be different activities provided. You can jump into a small natural pool, stand under and drink from a little waterfall that comes right out of its natural water source or play typical Colombian games. A homemade lunch will be served with fresh juices from local fruits.

For further information and pictures of the place go to Finca El Jardín.


Day 4: Coffee + Canyon Tour

Taking a 45-minute ride from Bucaramanga you will arrive at the coffee farm where the best, most exclusive and most expensive coffee of Colombia is cultivated (Café Mesa de los Santos, Umpalá). You will do a guided tour of the farm and the outside coffee museum. If you wish, you will also have the chance to taste the coffee and/or buy it for just one third of the international retail price. After having lunch in the beautiful guesthouse of “Hacienda el Roble”, we will continue to the Chicamocha Canyon.

In the Chicamocha National Park you will take a ride on a cable car that descends almost 1200 meters (4000 feet) into the second largest Canyon in the world, before climbing up the other side. On the other side of the canyon you have the option to take a walk to amazing viewpoints or enjoy the time in the waterpark. There are also many activities for a small additional cost such as zip lining (B. E. zip wiring) and jumping.

In the evening we will go to the farmer´s market in La Mesa de los Santos where you can try different food, have drinks or just enjoy the atmosphere.

For further information and pictures of the places go to Coffee Mesa de los Santos or Chicamocha Canyon. If you would like to stay longer on the coffee farm or enjoy more time in the Chicamocha National Park, there is the option to do the Coffee + Canyon Tour over 2 days. This can be planned according to your preferences.


Day 5: La Niebla Bucaramanga

Ready for an early hike starting directly from your hotel? Or would you prefer to sleep and take a ride to “La Niebla”? We will let you choose. However, we highly recommend the 3-hour hike up the hill to enjoy different incredible views of the city.

Once arriving at the restaurant and garden “La Niebla”, you will be provided with a great choice of delicious Colombian dishes and after lunch you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and/or we will give you some dancing lessons.

Back at the hotel, you will be ready to go out to one of the great bars or clubs in the vicinity to show off your new dance moves!

For further information and pictures of the place go to Bucaramanga - Hiking or Bucaramanga - Nightlife.


Day 6: Jesus Statue Santísimo

Before the trip to the statue you will have the morning and noon for yourself. We recommend optional activities such as visiting one of the big shopping malls, swimming in the waterpark Acualago or paragliding for about 25 US-dollars. If you want to stay for more days, we highly recommend doing all these activities!

In the afternoon we will take a ride to Santísimo, which is on top of the hill overlooking the city and can be reached in a cable car. In the park of the statue you can spend the afternoon and evening enjoying dancing and color shows, trying self-brewed beer and regional wine, buying souvenirs from Colombia and Santander, etc.

For further information and pictures of the place go to Bucaramanga - Jesus Statue Santísimo.


Day 7: Departure

If your flight (or bus) is on this day or on any other day, we will give you a ride to the airport (or bus station).


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